Mediafocus Serbia

Center For Investigative Journalism


Mediafocus is an informal group established in 2000 with the aim of development of investigative journalism in Serbia. The group brings together a several journalists from Serbia and region.

Mediafocus is one of the founders of the Global Research Network of Journalists founded in 2003 in Copenhagen.

Method of Mediafocus is simple - journalists do researches that are offered to domestic and foreign media. The researches have to be presented to the public. Until now, texts had been published in the "Blic", "Washington times", "Sunday Mail", IWPR, TOL ....

Group organizes seminars and workshops on investigative journalism.


FUJ The Danish Association for Investigative Journalism (Foreningen for Undersøgende Journalistik) works to promote investigative journalism in Danish media. The FUJ covers both the written press, radio, and TV at all levels  - journalists, researches, photographers, page editors and editors. As a FUJ member you do not need to make investigative journalism yourself, but the members support the work to promote the branch of journalism


SCOOP is a research network of journalists from Eastern and Southeastern Europe. Scoop provides financial assistance to journalists who work on researches - cover the costs of travel, accommodation, legal aid, translation, a modest per diems ... Danish Research Association of Journalists (FUJ) initiated a program SCOOP in 2003 to assist the development of investigative journalism in the countries in transition. Countries involved in project are Serbia, Montenegro, Croatia, Bosnia, Ukraine, Belarus, Macedonia, Albania and Moldova. The program pays special attention to joint researches, which are lead to more countries - cross border investigation. Journalists from EU countries can make cross border investigation but only with journalists from non EU countries from Eastern and Southeastern Europe.

Milorad IvanoviC

Milorad Ivanovic a founder of Mediafocus organization. Currently a editor in chief of Novi Magazin. In 1998 Mr Ivanovic starts a carrier in newspaper industry in Blic - city section. He develops, educate and soon becomes editor in Blic News Weekly - World and Balkan section and in March 2004 he becomes deputy editor in chief in daily newspaper Blic. In last 10 years Mr. Ivanovic has founded non profit organization Mediafocus and becomes active member of a international organizations - SEEMO a network of editors and media managers, DART center for journalism  and trauma, SCOOP.... Becomes freelance correspondent for newspapers - The Sunday Times, El Mundo, The Washington Times, The Sun, AD (Rotterdam), Scottish Mail on Sunday, IWPR, The Sunday Mail, BIRN ... and radio and TV - Radio France International, Russia Today, Radio BBC, Al Jezeera (English)... He participated as lecturer in seminars and trainings - Deutche Welle Global Media Forum, International Journalism Festival, International Student Week, Recyling - Media Experience, Global Investigative Journalism Conference, Emotions and Journalism Conference, Investigative Reporting Workshop and many others.