Mediafocus Serbia

Center For Investigative Journalism

Global Investigative Journalism Conference 2011

From 13. - 16. October Mediafocus attended Global Conference

Participants were journalists from Global media.

Investigative reporters: Meri Jordanovska from Macedonia, Tanja Jankovic from Serbia and Jauhen Valoshyn from Belarus presented their individual investigations “small scale investigations” at the Global Investigative Journalism Conference in Kiev 2011.

Meri Jordanovska explained how she had uncovered that police beat up a young boy

And Serbian reporter Tanja Jankovic, with support of Mediafocus and SCOOP followed the trace of smugglers of hicken drumsticks all the way from Argentina to Serbia.

Gala Dinner with award ceremony for Daniel Pearl Award and Global Shining Light Award.[tt_news]=1424&tx_ttnews[backPid]=4&cHash=78325dadd8eb0bb8dfc89056031a7f8f









scoop march 2008

On March 1, 2008 Mediafocus organized workshop in Hotel Intercontinental, Belgrade

List of participants:

Anne Haubek - Radio Denmark

Thomas Ubbsen - Radio and TV Denmark

Shiv Sharma - freelance correspondent, recent producer in Al Jazeera in English and Russia Today

Milorad Ivanovic - deputy editor in chief Blic newspaper


The SCOOP representative from Denmark Mrs. Anna Haubek gave a foreword What is SCOOP.

Mr. Ivanovic explained How to apply for Founds within SCOOP.

We had presentation of recent investigations  founded by SCOOP :

Smuggling of protected plants Genitania Lutea by Dusan Teleskovic - Politika,

Liquid explosives - home made by Slavisa Stojkovic - Radio Beograd and

Mercenaries from the Balkans goes to Iraq by Miloradi Ivanovic Blic.

Mr Thomas Ubssen explained What kind of stories can be interesting for foreign media and Shiv Sharma presented his thoughts How to pick up right story and develop it.











scoop january 2007

On January 12 and 13, 2007 Mediafocus organized seminar for editors and managers of media in Southeast Europe, Hotel Balkan Belgrade

List of participants:


1 - David Leigh (UK) Assistant Editor, The Guardian (Chief of Investigative Department)

2 - Ruhi Hamid (UK) Award-winning TV producer, working for BBC, Channel4, Al Jazeera Int.

3 - Matthias Weimer (Germany) Director for Eastern Europe, German media house WAZ

4 - Jacob Mollerup (Danska) Ombudsmand at Danish Broadcasting Corp. and President of Danish Ass. For Investigative Journalism

5 - Drago Hedl (Croatia) Deputy Editor in Chief weekly Feral Tribune


6 - Sanja Modric (Croatia) Assistant Editor in Chief Jutarnji list daily

7 - Zoran Bojarovski (Macedonia) Deputy Editor in Chief weekly Forum

8 - Gordana Duvnjak (Macedonia) editor of political department daily Utrinski Vesnik

9 - Goran Mihajlovski (Macedonia) editor in chief Vest daily

10 - Alexander Damovski, (Macedonia) Director of daily Vreme

11 - Besim Iljazi (Macedonia) Koha

12 - Alba Cela (Albania) Deputy Editor Tirana Times

13 - Milena Hristova (Bulgaria) Editor-in-Chief Novinite Internet magazine and Sofia News Agency

14 - Bozidar Dimitrov (Bulgaria) Editor, Standart

15 - Clive Leviev-Sawyer (Bulgaria – South African Republic) Editor in Chief Sofia Echo

16 - Ramona Feraru (Romania) editor, investigative department daily Libertatea

17.- Simona Popa (Romania) reporter at Investigation Department Cotidianul newspaper

18 - Tina Jelin. (Bosnia) Director of Informative program of Studio 88, Mostar

19 - Dragana Nikolic Solomon (Serbia) Editor, BIRN Serbia


21 - Anne Haubek (Denmark)

22 - Henrik Kaufholz (Denmark)

23 - Brigitte Alfter (Denmark)


24 - Milorad Ivanovic (Serbia) Deputy Editor in Chief Blic daily

25 - Zoran Curcic, Mediafocus

26 - Dragana Markovic, Mediafocus


Anne Haubek and Milorad Ivanovic introduced participants with details of two day seminar.

What is SCOOP explained to us Henrik Kaufholz and Brigitte Alfter.

Ruhi Hamid gave ideas How to get as from idea to realization.

In the evening a Gala dinner and celebration of Orthodox New Year on the streets of Belgrade.

How investigative journalism works in Guardian presented by David Leigh.

Drago Hedl introduced us with Possible obstacles and challenges of Investigative Journalism in the region.

Jacob Mollerup with the presentation for managers - Why invest in investigation.

Matthias Weimer as manager of WAZ mediagroupe explained What investigative journalism plays for his company.

The seminar was competed with cultural program and a visit to the Royal Palace were participants had unique opportunity to interview HRH Crown Prince Alexander II and  HRH Crown Princess Katherine.








seemo december 2006

Organized on December 15th - 17th  2006 in hotel Country Club Babe, Belgrade

Working meeting of investigative journalist from Serbia

List of participants:

Oliver Vujović, SEEMO

Radomir Ličina, Danas

Nadežda Gaće, NUNS

Jorgos Papadakis, Akritikos FM, Greece

Saša Leković, Investigative Journalism Center Zagreb, editor Netnovinar Sarajevo

Branko Čečen, editor Netnovinar, trainer Media Centar Sarajevo

Tamara Skroza, weekly newspaper Vreme

Milorad Ivanović, deputy editor in chef, founder of Mediafocus

Momir Ilic, editor Blic daily, associate in BIRN-a

Adrienne Davich, Nevada SAD

Nevena Ršumović, editor portal Netnovinar


Mr. Oliver Vujovic, Mr. Radomir Licina, Mrs. Nadezda Gace and Mr. Jorgos Papadakis gave a Opening statements.

We had possibility to hear What is (not) a investigative journalism from Mr. Sasa Lekovic and Mr. Branko Cecen.

In the evening we relaxed with movies presented by Mr. Milorad Ivanovic - Humor and investigative journalism.

The next day Mr. Lekovic and Mr. Cecen presented The research story ideas to implementation a guide for journalists.

We heard experiences of Mr. Djordje Padejski and his story How I  made awarded story of smuggling rare birds.

Mrs. Gordana Susa, Mrs. Tamara Skroza and Mr. Milorad Ivanovic explained Were are borders in Investigative journalism and photography - ethics.

Mr. Moma Ilic gave his experience How he did researchers of war crimes in Suva Reka.

Mrs. Adrienne Davich presented possibility How can a researches in journalism can evolve to a book.

We learned from Mr. Milorad Ivanovic that there has to be border in journalism regarding traumas - How to get information but with dignity.

The third day Mrs. Nevena Rsumovic presented a great Internet tool CAR and how to use computer in work.

SCOOP was presented by Mr. Milorad Ivanovic.

Why journalists from region should work together explained Mr. Sasa Lekovic in his presentation.

The working meeting closed with farewell speech of Mr. Oliver Vujovic and Mr. Radomir Licina.

scoop august 2006

On August 19th 2006 Mediafocus organized workshop in hotel Contry Club Babe, Belgrade

 Anne Haubek held a workshop presenting SCOOP and what kind of assistance SCOOP can give to them.

List od participants:

Anne Haubek, Radio Denmark and

Milorad Ivanovic, deputy editor in chef Blic


Scoop November 2005

 Scoop held a conference in Budapest on October 28th and 29th 2005



SCOOP march 2005

Mediafocus has a presentation on March 22nd 2005 in hotel Intercontinental, Belgrade

Mrs. Anne Haubek,Mr. Henrik Kaufholz and Mr. Milorad Ivanovic held a regional meeting of members of SCOOP.